Smarter Recommendations

There is a feature that new users and occasional users really love: visualization recommendations. All you need to do is choose two or more columns, and Spotfire will automatically recommend a series of visuals, and auto-configure them, so that you can add them to your report with a single click. Trouble was, the suggestions were not always great. Until 10.5 that is.

Calling TIBCO Spotfire Business Author! Where are you?

I searched for “Spotfire Business Author” to see what happened. I found old links to certain software vendors bashing on about the “new” 7.9 Business Author. But links 8 and 13 caught my eye. Link 8 is a new podcast I launched just one week ago. Link 13 is my 2015 book for Spotfire Business Authors. Soon, I hope this blog will rise into the top ten. Literally: nobody is talking about Spotfire Business Author except me. Welcome.